It’s no secret that diatomceous earth (“DE” from here on out for obvious reasons) covers a lot of bases when it comes to performing household chores, basic nutrition, and organic gardening.  Used in everything from toothpaste to bug repellent, this natural material dug from large pits in the earth is even today growing in its usefulness.

But one woman claims a pretty far out-there use for DE, which is to reverse the aging process thereby returning the color of her hair to its former color before she started going gray.

Jane Goldberg, Ph.D. chose Natural News to reveal her unique, secret use for Diatomaceous Earth.  After traveling the world using Rocketmiles, she told herself she wanted a change in her appearance. After just one year of eating food-grade Diatomaceous Earth, her hair is now a lustrous shade of blondish brown.  Before starting her DE regimen her hair had shone a particularly unpopular shade of “mousy gray”.

How’s That Possible?

How can this happen?  DE contains minerals, of course.  It’s believed that the very nature of DE is responsible for the age-reversing effects seen by Mr. Goldberg.  As she explains it, it’s all about the shape of the DE crystals.

DE molecules look like cylinders, only poked through with holes.  In this regard they look much like a filter, or as she describes it, “Rice Check Cereal”.  As the molecules move through the digestive tract and the stomach, the cylinder acts as a moving garbage can.  This can collects “garbage” from your system and stores it all inside those filter-like cylinders, where they remain trapped until they pass right on through the body and out forever.

What exactly gets trapped?  The “garbage” that contributes to the aging process, according to Ms. Goldberg and her suddenly youthful head of blondish-brown hair.  Things like the following, which actually should be removed:

  • E-Coli
  • pesticides
  • drug residues
  • protozoa
  • fungi
  • endotoxins
  • heavy metals
  • parasites

That last item on the list of “garbage” is parasites”.  They don’t exactly get trapped but rather get sliced up by the sharp edges of the DE cylinders.  Effectively killed, they are no longer a threat to the system.   This “scrubbing” action on the walls of the intestines means an intensely effective detox action is taking place.

Indeed, spas offering colonic cleanses may have a run for their money as people are able to get a natural, home-based detox effect simply be ingesting food-grade DE.

What other benefits besides youthful hair and a clean digestive tract can DE eaters look forward to?  Plenty.

Ms. Goldberg attributes all kinds of benefits to her DE diet.  Since DE is 84% silica, the nutritional benefits of eating it are immense.  The human body needs silica, and until just a few decades ago, we all got it from our diets.  This, however, is not the case any longer, as processed foods and general bad eating habits have combined with nutrient-poor growing soil for crops to all but eliminate silica from the modern diet.

According to this DE review, Detox by DE delivers the following benefits:

  • makes regular bowel movements
  • provides for a healthier colon
  • gives you more energy
  • clears up constipation
  • alleviates lower back pain

Ms. Goldberg lists so many benefits of DE we can’t even print them all here.  From kidney stone prevention to lowering cholesterol, it’s the miracle pill of the century, according to her.

We’re just interested in that incredible natural hair color transformation- it’s enough to make anyone want to try DE!